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  • 🕵️‍♀️BASE airdrop - myth or serious chance?

🕵️‍♀️BASE airdrop - myth or serious chance?

Explore with a GoG update!

GM gamers, investors!

This week we explore:

  1. Investment: Update on Guild of Guardians and adjustment in strategy

  2. Airdrop: BASE - a really long shot, or a decent chance?

  3. Updates:

    1. New airdrop hunter guide for you: https://matejcurda.gumroad.com/l/airdrop-hunter-guide

    2. Digital minimalism as a productivity boost? Read here.

Let’s dive in

We have some news from Guild of Guardians I want to share as it relates to the last week’s investment deep-dive and my strategy.

The team introduced a new roadmap together with some major changes.

  • NFT & Active staking in Q2

  • Limited Beta in Q3

  • Open Beta w/ Gem rewards Q4

💰 NFT staking program

  • 6 months, 6 mil $GOG tokens

  • 4 mil GOG in active staking (similar to before)

  • 2 mil GOG for NFT staking

The team is planning a retroactive reward #airdrop for all NFT holders who meet the set criteria --> TBA on Medium with full details

🧙‍♂️ Genre change

From Action RPG to Auto-battler (Roguelite Squad RPG)

I was a big fan of the game I saw and I don’t want to judge before testing it, but this feels like a huge step back.

⚖️ Economy updates

  • More ways to burn NFTs & resources

  • Guilds are not the only source of equipment anymore

Impact 💥

🐻 Bearish on Guild tokens (not mandatory anymore), heroes (low value unless lvled) and GoG in general (until I see the new game is fun again)

🎯 Bullish on $GOG token (Tier 0 > 1) & pets (boost rewards from dungeons)

This is being discussed all over.


and their potential airdrop.

It’s not confirmed, nor do I give it a big chance (4/10 on my list), but since it takes just a couple of minutes to do some activity that would flag you, let’s do it.

💰 Get initial test funds:

Once in 12 hours you can claim test tokens on QuickNode: https://faucet.quicknode.com/base/goerli

Then bridging at https://bridge.base.org/deposit for some transactions and volume

🎠 Interact

You can get a free domain at https://www.basename.app/

Or play a game at https://catattacknft.vercel.app/

✨ Early Builder NFT

  1. Create your NFT collection: https://thirdweb.com/thirdweb.eth/DropERC721

  2. Do https://quests.base.org/quest (it will require you to download Coinbase Wallet, request to get Goerli funds, and upload a smart contract from your ThirdWeb mint)

Ultimate Airdrop Hunter Guide free for download here.

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