ETH ETFs approved - What does it mean?

And Trump holding $10m of crypto.

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ETH ETFs approved - what does it mean?

Last week was exciting. The SEC did something that no one expected, and they approved the Ether ETFs.

However, this is ‘just’ 19b-4 approval, and as James Seyffart, a Bloomberg ETF analyst, explains below, it will take a couple more weeks to start trading.

Yet, the whole market reacts positively with ETH gaining 28% and attacking $4,000 levels.

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This is an important regulatory milestone and the price reaction is justified.

Crucial will be to see the real inflows and the interest in ETH from the US investors.

I expect the ETH price to be volatile in the next weeks and for those still timing the entry, you are quite late, but we might have another dip before inflows take the full effect in ~2 months.

I try to buy ETH every time it gets around $3k levels.

Bitcoin ETFs now hold over 1 million BTC

There will ever be only 21 million bitcoins.

Nearly 8 million* are lost due to forgotten passwords and lost wallets.

From the remaining 13 million, the exchange-traded products now hold over 1 million. That’s roughly 7.5% of the circulating supply.

The US ETFs together hold 855,619 BTC with Blackrock (IBIT) leading the way with 287,168 BTC.

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7.5% might sound like a small amount, but these funds started buying 4 months ago and already own 1 million BTC.

Just last week the US ETFs bought $1,056.7 million of bitcoin*.

This creates a demand shock that keeps driving the price up.

Trump’s crypto wallet hits $10m

A crypto wallet linked to presidential candidate Donald Trump holds around $10 million worth of assets.

The biggest asset is $7.12 million worth of MAGA tokens, which have a ticker TRUMP.

According to blockchain data tracker Arkham Intelligence, these tokens were purchased with ETH on Uniswap - not given for free.

Do not forget that Trump still has his own NFT collection and recently allowed crypto donations for his presidential campaign.

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On one side these events are funny to watch.

On the other, these bring major milestones in the regulatory space.

Thanks to both Trump and Biden trying to fight over 50+ million Americans holding crypto, we have progressed on passing important regulatory bills that will help us get clarity, customer protection, and easier operation.

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