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This week we explore:

  1. Investment: Launchpads

    1. What is a Launchpad?

    2. Is the Time Right?

    3. One Example - Seedify

    4. My Strategy

  2. Updates:

    1. New web is coming, stay tuned!

Let’s dive in

Launchpads were a popular way to get crazy ROI, if you had enough cash to get your allocation.

During the last bull run it could cost you way over a few thousand bucks just to participate.

But is it a good time to buy again? If so, which? Where?

What is Launchpad?

Launchpad is a crowdfunding platform where multiple investors join together to fund a project.

It’s similar to big platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, SeedInvest, Crowdcube, etc.

With one difference, you are getting project tokens, that represent (most of the time) part of the project.

Typically, these launchpads offer tokens before they are listed for the public to trade.

This means, you are there early and can ride the hype to grab interesting returns.

Not all platforms are the same and not all tokens are released right away.

Often you follow a vesting period which should help against dumping the tokens right after the pre-sale.

It is similar to the IPO process where the project first offers shares to early investors, before listing them to the public.

Is the time right?

Checking the numbers after the crazy bull run with instant multipliers, the IDOs didn’t perform all that well.

As per CryptoRank_io there is only 1 launchpad with 20+ IDOs that secured a positive current ROI (meaning holding would actually make you something).

The ATH is a very different story.

There you still see good multiples on most of the launchpads, which means, if you want to make money, it might be a good idea to sell at least a portion of your tokens when you can.

This is not that easy since most of the IDO rounds incorporate a way of locking your funds for a period of time (usually linear vesting in 6-24 months).

🧭 My plan

👉Open positions in a few launchpads before they go crazy again (as $SFUND chart)

👉Aim for a smaller, but guaranteed allocation to join pre-sales for the top projects.

👉Have exposure to all chains I like, including L2s

But here’s the thing… We have way too many launchpads to choose from. So which one?


Those of you familiar with Launchpads are probably facepalming right now. Seedify? Again?!

Well, yes. And the reason? 800k eyeballs on their Tweets.

That’s an army you simply can’t ignore, at least for now.


🏆 Highlight

As mentioned, 800k Twitter followers make this one the highest among launchpads (DAO Maker is around 650k)

🏭 Projects 4/5

Multiple interesting projects made their IDOs here last month, including the very popular Orbofi AI.

That’s not fair since Orobofi tested most of the launchpads, but still, when a project wants to do a big launch, they just don’t skip the biggest following which Seedify offers.

💰 Token 3/5

There is no whitepaper right now (the link on the website is broken), so we don’t see all lock periods and when to expect the next bigger inflow.

100m supply, 49m circulating

Historically crazy APY around 90%, now much calmer at max 11% suggests a more stable inflow.

Big spikes around IDO announcements as people buy in and out to join the pre-sales.

🚨 Warnings

It looks like there were some projects that didn’t raise enough funds on Seedify.

Not confirmed, I'll monitor it.

But, if projects are unable to raise the required funds via Seedify, they will stop using it and prefer other options.

🧭 Getting started

The rules are simple, get SFUND tokens, stake them, and join the pre-sales.

The required amount of tokens differs based on how big an allocation you want to secure for yourself.

🎢 My strategy? 

I jumped for Tier 2, waiting for the price to go further down (which I expect in the next few days before another major IDO announcement), and then increasing my position to Tier 3.

Currently, SFUND sits at $0.97, which makes the floor for guaranteed allocation $1.000 (tier 2).

We have 4 options for staking:

  • 270 days: 11% SFUND APR, 200% positive impact (3x) on seed staking points generation per SFUND

  • 180 days: 7% SFUND APR, 100% positive impact (2x) on seed staking points generation per SFUND

  • 90 days: 3% SFUND APR, no multiplier (1x) on seed staking points generation per SFUND

  • 30 days: 1% SFUND APR, 50% negative impact (0.5x) on seed staking on seed staking points generation per SFUND

I opt-in for the 270 days since I don’t plan to reduce my position here before the next bull run, so why not enjoy some benefits?

📈 Alternatively - Trade your way there.

What I would consider having spare time is buying now, and selling after a big IDO announcement.

There are clear waves of price changes with IDO announcements.

Today we are in a time where there is no good project announced, so the price is dropping.

Once a good project comes, it will spike again as people gather SFUNDS for allocation.

Don’t expect 10x swings here, but to me, this looks like a decent risk and ~+25% on each swing.

Since I want to reduce the length of this newsletter, more launchpads to come next week or you can find it on my Twitter.

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