Legends of the Mara (LOTM)


  1. LOTM is a 2D standalone gaming experience powered by ApeCoin and Otherside.

  2. Any Otherdeed holder (aka a Voyager) can participate in LOTM.

  3. Each Voyager will be able to claim a Vessel NFT for each Otherdeed owned. (Airdrop 5th of April)

  4. This vessel will grow into a little spirit called “Mara” (new NFT collection)

  5. These are dynamic NFTs that can evolve into Kodamara

  6. They will be required to play LOTM - early May we should defend the Otherside

  7. Koda, Mara, and Kodamara collections will be key to unlocking the Otherdeed’s potential.

Vessels & Maras

Ok, Vessels?

  1. Each Vessel will have one of three functions, assigned at random: Hunting, Farming, or Enchanting.

  2. Every Vessel will have a specific incubation period before it will reveal a Mara.

  3. The Maras that emerge will match their Vessel’s function (hunter, farmer, enchanter).

  4. The claim period for Vessels will begin in early April.

So, Vessel >Mara >Kodamara >never Koda

Koda is above that, Koda can do all 3 functions (hunting, farming, or enchanting, but not simultaneously) and should be more powerful than simple Maras.


  1. Enchanter - grant buffs and bonuses, probably both to the production of farmers and fighting capabilities of hunters.

  2. Farmer - harvest fragments from Otherdeeds. These are called Sediment fragments, which suggest a relation to the sediment tier of your land.

  3. Hunters - fend off violent threats to Otherdeeds.

What is interesting is the hunting function. So far it doesn’t look like we should be engaging in PVP, so we are probably to expect some PVE - “starting in May, we prepare to defend Otherside”. And since Vessels can be corrupted, those might be dangerous. Or maybe not, we don’t know yet.

One thing to highlight, Kodas & Maras will start farming sediment fragments. That might even highlight the importance of the Sediment Tier discussed in the previous blog.

Farmers can harvest the sediment fragments and then you feed these fragments to your Mara. Kodamara traits are affected by the sediment fragments it ingested during the Mara phase.

Celestial Zodiac

The whole game, Legends of the Mara, should be driven by the Celestial Zodiac.

It has 4 seasons, that go:

  1. Creation

  2. Evolution

  3. Afterlife

  4. Abyss

Those seasons should help your Mara evolve. Also, it might suggest a time-limited period of the game where you ideally want to experience all parts.

Additionally, there are Seasonal Catalysts, that you feed your Mara to evolve.

When a Mara ingests a Seasonal Catalyst, it evolves into Kodamara and takes on some of the traits possessed by that Catalyst. These traits are based on the Season's constellations (Zodiac).

So, based on the season and Zodiac your Mara will get some unique traits, that will get updated inside the NFT - as all other Otherside’s dynamic NFTs.

This game part will go live in the summer, so we are yet to expect some information.

My strategy

First of all, I'm really excited to enjoy this journey and that's more than profit for me.

But also, buying more APE asap since LOTM should be already powered by ApeCoin.

Then, I want to get my hands on more land with decent sediment. But this depends on the price since it jumped by roughly 30% after the announcement.

The reason is, Maras will fight for you, farm for you, and buff you.

They evolve into Kodamara, which traits are defined by:

  1. Sediment fragment he consumes

  2. Celestial Zodiac and related Seasonal Catalyst

The latter we can’t influence now, but sediment fragments will be important to enhance your little spiritual workers.

Another angle —> there is crazy hype around the whole BAYC ecosystem, which you can always benefit from. That means Land will be priced higher before the airdrop (already 30% up), and Maras with the release.

You can just sell your Maras early or Land before the drop, then re-purchase back with a few weeks’ delay at a lower price and drive the hype wave.

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