1. Shrapnel is an upcoming FPS game on AVAX.

  2. Good looking, experienced team, strong partners

  3. Snapshot for their token airdrop is beginning of May’23

  4. The only requirement is to get an NFT with a floor price of ~0.1 ETH


Shrapnel is an upcoming Extraction FPS game.

Developed by a BAFTA and Emmy award-winning team, this one is looking decent enough to get our attention.

There was already a live testing phase, from which you can see some gameplay videos.

I didn’t participate, from the videos it looks like there are some strange mechanics with aiming, but also that the game has a natural flow and no big red flags.

NFT collections


As an extraction game, your job is to extract, surprisingly.

You are going for resources and getting them back home (similar to CtF modes)

You can equip gear to your character, which is represented by NFTs, but you drop this gear once you die.

This mechanic is well known from web2 games like Diablo, in web3 we don’t see it much yet, since the price tag is usually pretty high for the NFTs.

Once you get some loot, either resource or other player loot, you need to run to one of the extraction locations to claim it.

Interesting mechanics, depending on the respawn times (if any). You can camp, waiting for people to die, before going out to collect some dead-man loot for yourself.

This might hurt the gameplay if people start camping most of the game, being extra cautious of their loot.


There are three Operator classes:

  1. Assault

  2. Survivalist

  3. Infosec

Each with own skill-based progression tree (talents) and skills.

Operators Utility:

  • Early access to video game

  • Exclusive in-game assets

  • Access to the future token and NFT airdrops based on rarity level (pre-requisite for current token airdrop)

  • Access to future whitelists

  • Digital Comic Book as NFT

Player creation

You can create tournaments inside the game (similar to what Splinterlands have).

You can also create items using Shrapnel’s Unreal Engine-based toolkit.

This is similar to DOTA skin creation and you can market your items on the Shrapnel’s market.

You will mix multiple item types together in this crafting process.

On top of that, you can also create maps and different experiences for the players, which is getting us closer to the “metaverse” creator model, unlocking the potential of the player community.

Reputation system

This is exciting, as you engage with Shrapnel’s ecosystem, you earn a reputation based on:

  1. Play

    1. in-game skills, score, and sportsmanship

  2. Creation

    1. Marketplace rankings by other players, sales, and contribution activity.

  3. Community

    1. Contributions to the community and in general not being a …

With reputation, you can earn various perks like in-game boosts, or unlocking more modeling (crafting) abilities.

Even more, a higher reputation will make your content more discoverable on the maps or on the marketplace, helping you show your creations to more eyeballs.


4 different layers of Shrapnel’s economy:

  1. Players

    1. You can buy gear, drop it or loot it inside the game, and trade on the marketplace

  2. Creators

    1. Creating items and offering them for sale on the marketplace, creating experiences and maps, profiting from your creations

  3. Curators

    1. Content discovery for the community - not sure how this will work

  4. Landowners

    1. If you buy land, you get a cut


ERC-20 Avax-based token. 3 billion supply.


  1. DAO votes

  2. Voting on player-created content

  3. Payment to validators

  4. Staking on Validator nodes

  5. Paying fees to mint player-created content (maps, skins, vanities, prefabs)

  6. Marketplace currency

  7. Content discovery participation


  1. Looting from game

  2. Staking from validators


Tweet with info.


  1. Register at

  2. Get one of the Operators NFTs

  3. Link your wallet (with Operator NFT) to your Shrapnel account

And you’re set to get the airdrop once the snapshot is taken beginning of May (1st - 3rd of May).

My thoughts

The gameplay is nice and the game mechanics are interesting, plus to some extent new in the space.

I am excited to see how people will strategize in every game to bring in the right gear, making sure not to lose it while securing others.

The reputation on top of it is a great concept that might backfire quickly, but if handled properly it will bring additional value to players in form of better collab and team play.

What I’m worried about is that the economy is very complex, and additionally that people will only farm NFTs as they did in other games.

In this case, I can imagine running new accounts, trying to farm lower MMR tiers just to farm noobs and get their items.

But, I’m still excited to join, so I’m buying Operator NFT to participate in the airdrop, and I will consider buying land once possible.

My strategy

  1. Get common Operators - since I don’t see what’s the difference in airdrop between common and rare, but the price is ~4x higher, I stick with common

    1. If the price for rare drops below 0.3, I’ll get myself a rare

  2. Once the land is out, do additional research and buy a land or two

  3. Test the game asap since I enjoy FPS and want to have some fun.

  4. LFM to form a small team of players to have fun and maybe some quick progress!

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