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  • 🌍 Splinterlands Land Expansion: Unearth the Potential in This Week's Meta Investor

🌍 Splinterlands Land Expansion: Unearth the Potential in This Week's Meta Investor

With a success story and my strategy

GM gamers, investors!

Success story

This week’s success story is actually from Splinterlands, our Deep-dive game.

With some tweaking of land surveying, I got a Keep (38x) and some decent profits, resulting in 8x and still keeping some passive generating assets.

Splinterlands is the web3 game for me. It really dragged me into the whole web3 gaming space and it’ll always be an important game for me.

Check the deep dive and don’t miss this game!

Tweet of the week

There are still a few days to get your Operator and with that a token airdrop from Shrapnel.

Check the below Tweet for a guide and deep-dive 👇

And now the deep dive!

This week we explore the Secret of Praetoria in Splinterlands.


  • Land is an important addition to the Splinterlands ecosystem.

  • With land you’ll create new cards and resources, needed for both serious and casual players.

  • When surveying land, you define the rarity. If you’re lucky, you can get a keep which is very nice.

  • If not, common land will give you approx. -50% on your investment, rare -15% and any higher tier will give you profit.

  • More than just land is the impact on cards, DEC and SPS.

  • Right now I would decide based on how much you enjoy the game, as that’s still my number 1 factor when it comes to evaluating a game/gaming metaverse potential.

  • My 2 cents: I expect unsurveyed land to go higher; hype to slow and with that DEC price to return around the 0.00068 - 0.00074 range, aiming higher if people enjoy land mechanics (therefore, burning & locking DEC); cards to go up as people will lock them into lands; the rest depends on how players will enjoy working with lands and Soulkeep game (new tower defense).

And the longer version with my strategy and the end🥳


  1. Links:

    1. Whitepaper

    2. Whitepaper about Land

    3. Game

  2. Passive income: Yes

  3. Potential Airdrop: When buying new packs or items

  4. Blockchain: Hive (gas-free)

  5. Token: SPS, DEC, Vouchers

  6. Release date: Ongoing updates

  7. Expert to follow: Bulldog1205


Claim your land NFTs, construct buildings, harvest resources, and ultimately produce new types of cards that can be created exclusively by land owners that can be used in Splinterlands battles or sold/rented to other players.

Owning a land in Splinterlands is a crucial part of the game and ecosystem

You can harvest resources and create cards otherwise unavailable.

7 territories with different types of land:

  1. PLOT —> a claim to a single plot of land

  2. TRACT —> a claim to 100 plots of land that are guaranteed to be together within the same tract

  3. REGION —> a claim to 1,000 land plots all guaranteed to be together in a single one of the 150 player-owned regions in Praetoria

Land features

Terrain types

14 terrain types, influencing bonuses/penalties to production on that plot, plus what type of resources are present:


Each plot will also be one of four rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary (with the exception of plots containing a Castle or Keep, those are Mythic).

The higher the rarity of the plot, the more resources it contains, and the higher the production rate of the worker cards on that plot when producing resources.

Translate? If you land a keep, you have instant 35x or higher. If common land, you are losing 50%.

Castles & Keeps

Exactly one plot within each tract (100 plots, 10 per region) will contain either a Castle or Keep building.

9 out of the 10 plots in each region will contain a Keep building, and 1 out of the 10 plots will contain a Castle building.

These special buildings act as the hubs for commerce and magic within each region and tract, and their owners will be able to collect various taxes and fees from the production and other activity that occurs within the rest of the tract and region.

Starter packages

These packages can be bought only when surveying the land and in the first 60 days after surveying starts.

Building in a box (10,000 DEC)

  1. Free building - no resources to deploy, only time to construct

  2. Power source - mandatory for production, store value 5,000 DEC

Time Vault (10,000 DEC)

  1. 15,000 Grain - food for your workers, consumed during production and therefore mandatory, store value 15,000 DEC

  2. 150 Time Crystals - speed up construction, store value 15,000 DEC

Unstable Totem (10,000 DEC) - double the production rate on your plot for 30 days after phase 2 release. Can’t be delayed, starts right after.

I go with building and time vault package, selling part of my Grain and Time Crystals right away to get back some of the DEC.

Totem only if you have decent cards and DEC pool, so you can actually benefit from the production boost.

With low-tier cards, the boost is not worth the extra $10.


Workers, Power Sources, and Bonuses

Players need to stake their cards to use as workers on their land. A power source is necessary for worker productivity, and players can receive additional bonuses to production through Runi, titles, and totems.

Resource Production and Game Mechanics

Resource production is a key aspect of Splinterlands, with players needing to clear land, farm grain, mine SPS, and research the Secrets of Praetoria. The game features ongoing updates, and players must navigate various mechanics, such as worker staking, power sources, and production bonuses, to maximize their success in the game.

For more details visit the full deep dive.


My strategy shifted before I finished this content. I was more bullish, but now I’m actually lowering my exposure to Splinterlands simply because I don’t see the game as so much fun anymore, which is my no.1 criteria.

we have 2 main scenarios:

1.) It’s fun - people enjoy the land or Soulkeep game (ideally both),

  1. We will see DEC finally getting close to that 0.001 limit ($1 for 1.000 DEC)

  2. This is thanks to various new ways how to burn (buying resources, starter packs, buildings, …) or lock (on each land plot) your DEC

  3. Cards will rise significantly due to locking in both the Soulkeep game and each land plot. For both the higher the better same with the older the better.

  4. If that’s the case I see Alpha/Beta packs are pretty cheap right now, even more, some of the Chaos cards can quickly give you max level (without Alpha/Beta bonuses).

  5. Bullish on unsurveyed land and Keeps/Castles.

  6. Still, bearish on new resources from lands, I would sell as much as possible as early as possible and focus on SPS allocation (declining every month), then/or research.

2.) It’s not fun - Now if players won’t enjoy the game, I’m worried there will be too much of a grind and exploit of the ecosystem, leaving us with quick growth (on DEC already gone) and then a steep decline over the next months.

I feel like the economy is very good and interesting. It’s the auto-battler that I’m worried might get repetitive after some time for players, which might cause people to focus on exploiting rather than playing and growing.

So my real strategy?

  1. Holding half of my land to sell above $200

  2. Surveying half of my land, trying to time the keep/castle (hard to do, but already secured me one :-) )

  3. Buying 2 starter packs: Building and Time.

  4. Selling high rarity lands, keeping only the common/rare

  5. Selling the majority of my bonus pack resources, generating Grain to have just enough for my workers, and early going for SPS allocation. As distribution lowers (every month), I’ll switch to research.

  6. I hold my Node and believe with the price below $1.000 it’s still worth considering.

This was a long one, next time it’ll be shorter.

Next week we’ll look closer into GoG and their guild tokens.

Plus I’ll add a little AI as well.


or to participate.