The Otherside

Key facts


Yuga Labs raised $450 million at a $4B valuation to fund creation of the metaverse and is developing the experience in partnership with GameFi giant Animoca Brands and metaverse creators Improbable.

Yat Siu, co-founder and chairman of Animoca is actually on the board of ApeCoin - just how close collab there is between these two.

Animoca is creating the Sandbox, so we might expect some level of interoperability between these 2 words.

What’s different is, that team is piloting an M2 technology that allows thousands of players at the same location. We had a chance to experience this during both runs and it was very smooth - I never saw so many people in one place, especially playing together.

Potential airdrop


Since only half of the land is distributed, we can expect at least part of the second half (100.000) to be airdropped. Various sources suggest part will be airdropped to early adopters of Otherside, which means Voyagers (land owners), that are interacting with the Otherside space.

Maybe only Voyagers that complete the full Obelisk will be eligible, see below.


Lands in Otherside are dynamic NFTs, whose metadata is being updated as you progress. One of the updates is Obelisk pieces Voyagers gather by entering the Metaverse.

This is being propagated to Opensea as well and you can check if the land you are owning/about to buy has the required pieces.

Currently, only 1st piece is attached to the land and all Voyagers entering either on the First or Second trip got this piece.

The reward is unknown, there will be some for sure and my best guess is those who complete the full Obelisk will receive another Land from the next batch.


See more in LOTM edition here.


Total lands: 200.000

Available: 100.000

55.000 sale; 45.000 airdropped to BAYC holders, employees, partners

There is only half of the land NFTs currently available. The 2nd half will be available later, with most likely airdropping some of the lands to current landowners and early testers of the Otherside.

Yuga Labs set the cost of each Otherdeed at a flat 305 APE ($6,100) and Otherdeeds were limited to 2 per wallet to maximize distribution.

While each Otherdeed cost around $6,100 at launch, the sale was so popular the Ethereum network became congested and gas jumped to over 1 ETH ($2,750 at the time).

There are various traits on the lands in Otherside. Each will influence the price of the land and with currently limited information, it’s not so easy to estimate the real value.

Sediment (5)

1st trait you should consider is the sediment quality.

This looks like the only thing you can’t influence in the game - since other factors you should be able to upgrade in the metaverse by spending ApeCoins.

Sediment types:

  1. Infinite Expanse (Tier 1 - lowest)

  2. Cosmic Dream

  3. Rainbow Atmos

  4. Chemical Goo

  5. Biogenic Swamp (Tier 5 - highest)

Biogenic Swamp was dropped to BAYC holders and Chemical Goo to MAYC holders. These 2 lands are the closest to the middle of the map, so it’s not just the sediment type, but also the location of the land.

In Otherside location might not be as important as in other metaverses since people won’t be always dropped to the middle, but rather experience the map as a whole.

However, location is still a crucial component of your land as you want to have it as close to the action as possible. Just knowing where the action will be is more difficult - some people prefer to buy the land on an island with higher tiers expecting there will be something faster. Others, like me, prefer closer to the center with more land around.

Tier (5)

Tier is showing the level of the particular land. It is basically the level of your land and the visual NFT is adjusting as well.

Information is again limited, but it looks like a higher tier will give you more options in general and increase the limits of what you can do with your land.

Category (8)

There is a rarity component to this perk, but so far there is no difference and it looks like the least important factor.

  1. Decay (the least rare)

  2. Harsh

  3. Spirit

  4. Volcanic

  5. Mineral

  6. Growth

  7. Psychedelic

  8. Chaos (the rarest category)

Environment (28) is similar to Category, just with 28 different options.

Both perks are still a question mark and I’ll update this post once resolved.

Resources (4)

Each land in Otherside has up to four replenishing resources. Players will be able to harvest these resources and use them in the game.

Resources are important for crafting anything inside the Otherside.

They should be sold in a custom marketplace developed by Yuga Labs.

Some are rarer than others. They include anima (research), ore (metal), shard (stone), and root (wood).

Resources have their tiers as well, 1-3 with 3 being the highest (3 stars).

Right now we are not sure what the tier means, probably faster recovery of the resource, better quality, or higher amount.

Artifacts & Kodas

“Meet the Kodas, the primal beings that have ushered us into the Otherside. We don’t know why they’ve brought us here, or what their affinity to this land is. If you are lucky enough to meet a Koda, tread cautiously.”

Well, that covers it just fine.

Kodas will for sure play a crucial role in the whole Otherside. What exactly will they do, is hard to guess, but soon as part of the LOTM (Legends of the Mara) we will know much more.

The important for this section is, you can actually find Kodas on your land. They are one of the rarest perks and land with Koda starts around 12 ETH.

Artifacts are items you can also find on your land. You will be able to detach both Koda and Artifact from your land, sell it, trade it, or do whatever you want to do with them.

You can see the Opensea numbers and % for artifacts, some are very rare and the price goes above 10 ETH, and some feel a little rubbish, but we still don’t know exactly what utility they’ll bring and how much of a real value they might have.

Intellectual Property rights

The surprising thing is the IP rights related to the assets. Yuga is known for providing IP rights to their NFT holders, but as per Otherside NFT Purchase Agreement, the collector owns all personal rights to that NFT, but collectors do not receive the rights to the image or IP at all.

The licensing agreement prevents any NFT owner from making profits from other creators’ NFTs. As of now, the Otherdeeds serve only personal and non-commercial utility.

Meaning? You can sell your NFTs as you want, and you will get airdrops, but renting them might be tricky.

ApeCoin (APE)

The Otherside ecosystem uses ApeCoin, an ERC-20 governance and utility token controlled by and built on by the ApeCoin DAO community. ApeCoin DAO membership is open to all ApeCoin holders, and the token is available on major exchanges. You can learn more at

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