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Why Investors Shouldn't Ignore Crypto: Beyond the Bubble Myth

Is crypto just a bubble or a real asset worthy of consideration?

You've probably heard it countless times in investment discussions: "Cryptocurrencies? They're nothing but a bubble."

This myth comes from a comparison of the rapid rise and sometimes sharp declines in cryptocurrency values to historic economic bubbles, like the Dot-com bubble or the Tulip mania.

It's an easy comparison, but is it really true?

The Real Picture: A Market Defying Expectations

Let’s explore a few crypto patterns together.

Crypto's Financial Footprint: Surpassing Silver

Think about this, Cryptocurrency now holds a larger market cap than all of silver.

This isn't just a statistic; it's a clear sign of crypto's growing influence and staying power in the global financial market.

End of November 2023, the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies is at $1.46 trillion (not only Bitcoin), while Silver is $1.39 trillion. At its peak in November 2021, the crypto market was 3x bigger than silver, overall.

Ethereum (2nd biggest cryptocurrency) itself has a higher market cap than Bank of America, Shell, or Netflix.

The Adoption Cycle: Resilience in the Challenging Times 

Despite facing significant headwinds in 2022, including economic slowdown, FED hiking rates, and lowering liquidity, combined with crypto-specific shocks like the fall of Terra Luna, 3AC, and FTX, the number of cryptocurrency users soared.

The market witnessed an increase of 39% in identity-verified users, from 306 million to 425 million, highlighting the expanding appeal and resilience of crypto assets.

Maturity Cycle: Signs of a Stabilizing Market 

As more investors, institutions and governments are entering the space, the Bitcoin price and with that the whole cryptocurrency market is showing signs of maturing.

Each successive bull run has brought smaller spikes in value: +4310% in 2013, +1333% in 2017, and ‘only’ +304% in 2020. A similar applies to downtrends.

This trend points towards a stabilizing market, becoming increasingly appealing for cautious investors looking for sustainable growth.

Wall Street's Crypto Pivot 

As leading asset managers like BlackRock and VanEck prepare to launch crypto ETFs, we're witnessing a transformative moment.

Until now crypto was considered as a domain for tech-savvy investors, understanding the basics around cryptography and managing their own wallets.

Soon every investor, including institutions, will access crypto assets as they do in traditional markets.

Such moves by established financial players underscore the legitimacy and potential of cryptocurrencies as an essential part of modern investment portfolios.


Crypto's Place in Modern Investing

The patterns we've observed - from market resilience to growing adoption - suggest that cryptocurrencies represent a key aspect of modern investment portfolios, offering a blend of innovation, potential, and diversification that's hard to ignore.

While it's crucial not to rely solely on crypto, its inclusion as a component of your investment mix can provide a valuable edge.

And where to from here?

  • Educate Yourself: Keep abreast of the latest developments in the crypto space. Understanding the technology and market trends is crucial.

  • Connect with the Community: Engage with forums and crypto discussions to gain insights and broaden your perspective.

  • Experiment Wisely: If considering an investment, start with small, manageable amounts. Align your crypto investments with your overall financial goals and risk tolerance.

In the dynamic world of Web3, staying informed, open-minded, and strategically engaged is key to unlocking the potential of this exciting asset class.

Happy investing,


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